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Signs He Won’t Marry You

One of the biggest dating nightmares for a woman is spending a couple years with someone who has no intention of marrying them. Of course, sometimes when you’re dating a guy who you know doesn’t want to marry you, it can seem tempting to stick around in hopes that he’ll change his mind. Good luck with that; it’s a gamble.

Doesn’t Like the “M” Word

Obviously a guy who demonstrates an aversion to discussing marriage isn’t going to be too interested in marriage. Resist the temptation that he’ll “come around”. You could be missing out on other opportunities with other men. If he can’t even talk about marriage without getting his boxers in a knot, it’s time to cut the cord on that relationship.

Is Divorced

Men who are divorced can sometimes seem like tempting candidates for potential husbands. After all, it signifies that they’ve “taken the plunge” before. If they’ve done it once, they’d probably do it again, right? Well, not always. Many divorced men are so jaded at the idea of marriage from their tumultuous break-up, that they can’t bear the thought of doing it again. Additionally, things like child support and alimony serve will constantly reinforce that “marriage equals bad”. Be cautious with divorced guys. They might have written off the institution of marriage altogether.

Large Sexual Appetite

Guys who place a strong emphasis on sexuality are not what you’d call prime marriage material. Oftentimes these strong sexual needs are not able to be quenched by a single person, despite what he may think. Eventually, he’s going to get tired of being with the same person and will want to try something new. Men with a seemingly endless sex drive are not likely to be the kind of guy willing to consider marriage.

Unstable Living Situations

This one kind of takes care of itself because guys with unstable living arrangements or job security aren’t the types of guys women want to marry anyway. But it shouldn’t go without being said that men whose lives seem to be up in the air are going to be significantly unlikely to want to pursue something as grand as marriage. Look for guys with more stable lives. They’re the ones in a position to be able to consider marriage.


Really ambitious guys don’t like to settle. They’re always looking for the next bigger and better thing. Now, that’s not to say that really ambitious guys won’t be interested in marriage at all. That’s not true in all cases. Look at guys like Barack Obama and Bill Gates; despite an unquenchable ambition, they still found a need for the stability of a marriage partner. You just have to be careful with guys who are always discussing bigger, grander plans. To them, you might be but a mere pit stop on the way to another destination.